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The Bookshop Management System shall serve as the basis for performing the core day-to-day business activities of the bookshop.

The bookshop’s primary functions for the system are to:

  • Fully customisable Second-hand Bookstore system
  • Facilitate the registration of members, their bank details and books they wish to sell.
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEO/Google)
  • Allow the general public to search the bookshop catalogue.
  • Accept books and establish sales contracts with owners.
  • Process book sales.
  • Prepare, but do not make, payments to book owners for books sold.
  • Maintain financial records and report on bookshop transactions.
  • Maintain audit trails of processing of stock and transactions.
  • Manage staff credentials and access to the system.

The system can be customised to your specific needs and attached is document which describes the system specifications in detail.