Hidden Spark offers a Hybrid cloud solution based on a mix of on-premise and off-premise services running on our hosted servers in Sydney, Australia. Servers are mirrored across geographically separate data centers to ensure service continuity. We offer discovery recovery service to our servers in Orlando, USA,  Amazon AWS or Alibaba Cloud. 

Our Cloud offering includes :

  •     Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) using well established cloud providers.
  •     Platforms as a Service (PaaS) using our own customised blueprints and templates.
  •     Software as a Service (SaaS) running Hidden Spark cloud products.

Hidden Spark has expertise in automation and orchestration of private and public solutions running on AWS, Alibaba Cloud,  Azure,  Open Stack and VMware.

Multiple cloud silos are connected using Cloud Orchestration and/or Platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) solutions as a way to integrate cloud services with each other as well as with on-premises applications in a hybrid cloud model.  iPaaS enables connectivity between SaaS and Cloud services using a set of connectors and can be integrated with your on-premise ESB or ETL systems.

Key features include -

  • Resource pooling - Resources are pooled and shared across the hybrid cloud.
  • Elasticity - The capability to scale-up or scale-out and burst into the cloud.
  • Measured Service - Billing is metered to enable show back or charge back.
  • Self-service - End users can order services using a self-service portal.
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